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The upholstered furniture in your house is a good investment – like the many other items in the home. After making the selection or purchasing the product, no homeowner wants to be in the second position. The color, pattern, style, and type of fabric must be matched not only to the interior decor but also to the kind of furniture.
One of the most significant worries, when you upholster furniture, is the fabric that you have in the house for children or animals. Today, there are numerous options for these needs. Many are specially designed for tough use and are also durable. High quality fabrics and indoor-outdoor upholstery are available in the range of low maintenance here at home center Dubai.

Your old furniture can be brought to life by a professional upholsterer from the home center. But be prepared: quality reupholster can be expensive, so you want to ensure that your original furniture is sturdy and structurally sound or that your investment is worth the sentimental value.
There is a significant benefit of using upholstery if you have the right quality furniture and love style since you (can maintain) excellent quality furniture. Many times, people think they’ve got to fix anything if anything breaks.

The home center supplies all types of furniture upholstery in all fabrics and leathers with residential & commercial upholstery. If you want to refurbish or add a new look to your old furniture, you can support all your needs with skilled upholstery services.
You can retain all the original features of the current furniture if you love your old furniture and want a new life, why not give us an order for furniture upholstery? No matter what kind of age we can provide a modern look and experience to your old furniture.

Features of Furniture Upholstery

  • Anti-fire upholstery.
  • Amazing and reliable quality.
  • Competitive and flexible prices.
  • Durable and long-lasting fabric.
  • Single and bulk order.


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