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Home center motorized curtains are widely used in hotel rooms, residential rooms, and even on event stages.
Do you want to off your curtains remotely with a few sec walk in your room? Then our motorized curtains are a great option to opt. The curtains are manually powered off with 100% pure material and fabric used in curtains. The light touch open and close function is the best worthy feature that makes it remarkably unique than other curtains. To add a chic look, the resistance recognition will halt the motorized curtain track system. You can use it in the kitchen too as the smart motor can be controlled with the help of the iPhone and Android (optional device needed, easy installation).
We have a wide variety of motorized curtains at the home center. All of our collection is compact and lightweight for easy ceiling or wall installation smooth and quiet motor uses a direct drive belt that enables quiet operation. It can easily be integrated with automation systems, so now you do not need to program it.
Without the use of power, the curtains can also be controlled by hands as they contain dual functionality. The intermediate position of the motor in motorized is between close and open, so you can easily install it in your space. In contrast, the automatic position enables the users not to reset again and again. The free assembly of design and customized tracks help save your money as you could now use it everywhere in your place with tension of budget. Electric curtains are also known as our collection of electric curtains are less energy absorber and available in different materials with different styles

Features of Motorized Curtains

  • AC 110-240V input
  • Soft start
  • Manual operation when power off
  • Automatic limits on the end stop
  • Soft stop
  • Intermediate position
  • Built-in radio receiver
  • Free assembling
  • Easy to install
  • Ceiling installation


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