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Home center gentle offers a set of blackout blinds with full security that banish the sunshine to keep your home shaded anytime you need it. Ideal for the bedroom, they ensure your sleep will not be interrupted by the sun, and they also provide total privacy, which makes them ideal for the bathroom.
The supreme blackout blinds we offer bring a chic and modern finish to your screens for a better look. These blinds lend sophistication and class to any room in your house. Perfect for creating a multitude of different decors and motifs, white is a great way to make a spacious room feel as well as a clean and fresh atmosphere.

Being a blackout blind, due to its extra-opaque covering, this home center product provides the utmost protection. Ensuring you don’t need to worry about casting shadows at night time any more than you need to worry about seeing the onlookers inside your house. It is also a blessing for all those who work in night shifts by blocking out as much ambient light as possible, allowing you to sleep well.

We take great pride in supplying the most exceptional quality items at outstanding prices. This pure white roller blind from Sevilla Tranquility is in color like soft cotton wool. It’s undoubtedly white, but it has a fuller, more welcoming feeling that’s all but powerful.

All of this makes it perfect for creating an open, chic, warm and cozy space, shielding you from the sun in full style.
We love to see this blind in all its glory, dressing up a simple neutral bedroom, with the blackout backup helping to create the perfect slumber scene.

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Features of Blackout blinds

  • Fully made to measure
  • Blackout for complete privacy
  • If both the width and drop are more significant than 1800mm fabric may be joined either by weld or stitch dependent upon the fabric
  • Easy-fit universal brackets suitable for top, side and face fitting
  • Strong rust-free aluminum roller tube
  • Precision sidewinder control with nickel operating chain located to your specification
  • Good for living quarters, good for kitchens and toilets
  • Please note that the real width of the fabric is around 35 mm less than the total blind width requested so that the brackets and the operating mechanism can be used

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