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The home center offers a sleek, net and compact blind roller that captures the imagination and fits into any decoration easily.
You are guaranteed to find the best design for pleasure, designed to impress you with a luxurious collection of textures and colors. There are motorized models available in roller blinds for improved ease of use and greater control of movement.

If you are looking to bring a new look to your window, consider home center Roller Shades. They work by dragging a chain into the window to roll the fabric up and down. Fabric are available in various varieties & colors and can also be personalized in style.
The shades of the Roller offer shades of welcome in summer as well as isolation in winter. Our inspiring collection of blinds from wardrobes, windows, and roof rollers comes in designs that match every home or office, offering all the protection you want for your glass shades.

With the new fabrics that are available, we can now give you daytime protection from the sun while also giving you regulated lighting benefits in your home. Our lock out fabrics give you total privacy and warmth during the night and compliment your interior furnishings and decor with a variety of colors.
To assist in the operation of your roller blinds, we can provide a wide range of accessories, safety devices, and springs and can provide most systems with motorization. To avoid rusting, we use anodized tubes and Powder coated parts. All components can be coordinated in color with corresponding mechanisms and chains.

Roller blinds are by far the type of indoor window covering used most frequently. Modern and straightforward, the roller shades combine elegant style with consistency and functionality to ensure convenient and attractive living space or workroom. Different degrees of clarity and shade is accomplished with various fabric choices.
Roller blinds can quickly transform the appearance of your space and add to any interior design a stylish finishing touch.

Features of Roller Blinds

  • Can transform the appearance of your space
  • Add a stylish and trendy finishing look
  • Daytime protection
  • Available in different sizes and a lot of benefits.
  •  Give total privacy and warmth with interior best décor


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