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Here at the home center, we have a wide selection of beautifully made living room rugs. From sleek contemporary designs with intricate geometric and Moroccan-inspired patterns to classic Persian and oriental rugs with a more traditional look, you can find a multitude of styles and colors.
The living room should be a place to relax, and the rug is excellent for adding extra warmth and comfort to your house. For a very comfortable underfoot look, go for one of our thick shaggy rugs, which will look fabulous under your feet after a long day.

The best choice for children’s bedrooms is a flat-woven cotton living room rug, since it is sturdy and easy to clean. Go for a rug with latex protection – this means that your little ones don’t move around while they play.
The same applies to wet environments like kitchens and bathrooms. The Latex Rug prevents slipping, while after a shower, the living room is made of cotton-like rugs.

At the home center, small, medium, and large living room rugs are included in this range, so you should have no trouble finding a size that best suits your home. Select from our ranges of modern, traditional and simple rugs, if you would like to see even more variety. The high structure of the piles keeps the floors warm on the cold winter evenings, as well as our rugs look comfortable. They will help to build a sense of identity within your room, not to mention. We do have a vast range of high pile rugs that are suitable for Autumn Winter.

Features of Living Room Rugs

  • Multi-functional
  • Keep floor warm in winter and cold in summer
  • Give high comfort and sense of identity
  • Suitable for every living room of your house with decorative styles
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Prevent slip on floors

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