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Home center bordered sisal rugs are perfect floor coverings for a farmhouse, rustic, cottage-style, and contemporary kitchens, conservatories, and high-traffic areas such as entrances. The hard-wearing flat weave stack is ideally small to reduce the chance of a hazard on the trip and also has an anti-slip backup. Made from the Agave plant, a solid, durable, and flexible fiber, this sustainable natural product is environmentally friendly in a 100 percent sisal layer. Sisal is available in medium and large sizes, with matching runners in it.

The intrinsic beauty and power of these rugs comes in our widest range of designs and tones from their very nature, sturdy, hard-wearing and extremely receptacular to dyeing, our sisal rugs, and runners.
For a luxurious home furnishings, sisal rugs uniquely tactile makes it the best choice for your home. The fabrics that are used are made up of high quality that is the most durable material. As with all-natural fibers, Sisal is unfit to be used in areas where humidity is likely to be high.

We home center offer stain protection treatment works by coating each fiber in a polymer shield which reduces the impact of spills and watermarks. Sisal rugs are environmentally friendly, absolutely safe, and do not affect your rug’s color or texture. You can pick this option at the checkout for a slight additional cost before paying.

Features of Sisal Rugs

  • Environment friendly
  • A contemporary and classic look for your room
  • Extensive range of designs and tones
  • A stable and versatile material
  • High moisture levels
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable, natural and hard-wearing

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