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At the home center, we focus on creating wool, productive, and high-quality mosque carpet all around the globe. It provides your space with the most stunning and elegant look to your mosque around the world and meets the exact needs of every single project you want to complete. The incorporation of delicate, religious, or eye-catching designs of mosque carpet is our best feature.

It helps to reflect the identity of your place of worship that is very important for you, so our carpet design is capable of fulfilling even the most unique and sophisticated design briefs. The long-lasting, high-quality mosque carpets are what we want because their style carries the imaginative array of ancient ornaments, symbolic and current motifs and contemporary interpretations of geometric patterns in different sizes. Home center mosque carpets offer the mosques and religious centers atmosphere, comfort, and functional advantages.

You can add designs by depth and richness of detail to any space by embedding refined melange layers and color-graduated textures into patterns. Available in nine high-quality carpet constructions from our quality’s Highline concept that meet all of the strict prayer area specifications, the range also provides very flexible recolor options to suit your design requirements – at no extra cost.

All original ideas can be implemented with the aid of our professional design team to fit seamlessly into the architecture of your project. The carpet pattern help to keep warm your atmosphere in winter and don’t sweat in summer, so it’s best for restoring moisture. It is built-in with natural raw material that is produced from wool. Therefore human health and the environment are not harmed.

Features of Mosque Carpet

  • Give atmosphere comfort, natural and beautiful look
  • Restore the ability of moisture
  • Available in designs demands and various colors
  • An extensive collection of patterns and layouts
  • Long-lasting and high-quality carpets

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