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The home center offers you the durable, hard-wearing sisal carpets; it’s great for your living rooms, hall and carpet stairs. You can choose from textured chunky sisals or fine, intricate and softly tactile sisal carpets. It helps to make your home your exotic destination yet and the best part of your home.
The natural fiber flooring of sisal carpets has the best online selection, and we provide it at very reasonable prices. It gives your floor the long-lasting and durable quality that offers you the most comfortable environment.

The home center delivers you the most professionally fitted sisal carpets that adhere directly to suitable prepare subfloors of your home. The underlay of such carpets is designed to give you more comfort and safety.These stylish and versatile sisal carpets are environmentally friendly and extremely durable. These sleek, trendy and sturdy carpets are the perfect choice for high-traffic areas where good looks are desirable and practicality.

It’s best for your stairs, as you can form a firm grip with the friction by the coarse fiber.
Add a contrasting border to stairs and halls, and turn a plain sisal carpet into your home’s stunning new look. Why not make your own Sisal carpets, as these can be made up to 4 m in any length and width. To complete a unique look for your home, don’t forget to add that contrasting border.

Home Center have a huge selection of designs and colors, so there is no bound to choose one now as you can select that is perfect for your home.

Features of Sisal Carpets

  • Versatile and hard-wearing carpets
  • Best for living rooms, hall and stairs
  • Give exotic decoration to your home
  • Long-lasting and durable quality
  • Unique designs and colors range
  • Comfortable for the environment and easy to maintain

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