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Would you like to fall the creases on your drapes or curtains just the way you want them to? This is quite simple, with the right curtain tape. Right here at home center you can find the perfect curtain tape for your drape or curtain.
Numerous kinds of curtain tapes in your room will effectively show off your curtain. You will need a curtain tape suitable for your curtain hanging system.
A pleating band or ruffle tape will provide the optimal drape for your curtain. You can even use a special effect plissing tape to create special pleats for your curtain. Whether it has one row of pockets – or two, or three – with the right plissing tape pencil, the curtain collects just the right one.
Similarly, it provides suitable accessories for top tab or eyelet curtains: transparent loop tapes or a realistic eyelet reinforcement tape provide your curtain with maximum support and can only be seen after close inspection.

For many curtain tapes the tape length should be equal to the width of your curtain. Notice the extra clearance in the item description: if it says “Extra clearance 200 percent,” you would need to order twice the width of your curtain.
This is not something that will affect most people, but if you have a vast or tall curtain and wish to make it fit, you will need to double the padding.

The home center provides Moisture resistant fabric/and clear nail varnish. This means your curtain will be water-resistant. They are sometimes called “Water Resistant Fabric” or “MOTW.”

Features of Curtain Tapes

  • Give optimum support and seen by close inspection only
  • Need additional clearance
  • Perfect for all kinds of curtains
  • Give a significant effect to your room
  • Water-resistant ability

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