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The Home center curtains rods is your transitional space’s perfect accent. The collection features an adjustable rod and elegant, globe finishes that can accompany a host of curtain designs.
Such decorative curtain rod and finish set to feature a timeless, romantic style and floral design with a matt iron rod finish and finishing finishes of cast resin vine sphere shape.

The curtain rods blend beauty and sophistication to clothe your curtain in style. The exceptional quality and detailed craftsmanship feature finish made from satin nickel PVC to enhance your window decor.
Add a touch of style to your window dressing with this telescoping curtain rod ‘s beautiful square-shaped finishing design. This 0.75-inch diameter steel rod adjusts by merely sliding the rods into place to the desired length.

Home Center Offer these flexible metal curtains rods an elegant appeal to your curtain package, featuring three rods, two side rods, two flex corner connectors, and more. This set of rods is available in many different shades so you can perfectly suit the decor.
You can bring versatile versatility with this Swing arm adjustable curtain rod fitted to your Window Dressings. Made from metal, each arm is built to swing out up to 180 degrees, allowing you to open your windows fully.

Set your windows against the Home center Curtain Rod. This expandable telescopic design is made of a mixture of stainless steel and aluminum with an electroplated antique brass finish that can fit multiple window sizes ranging from 36″-66 “or 52″-144.” Moreover, you can get these in different colors and sizes with unique styles.

Features of Curtains Rods

  • Add a touch of style to your window
  • Adjustable steel rods
  • Give romantic style and floral design to curtains
  • Give transitional space perfect accent
  • Available in different sizes and colors

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