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Take the hassle out of the skirting board at home center Dubai with our easy-to – install, ultra-low maintenance PVC Skirting.
It lifts any room’s look and delivers long-lasting impact resistance. Using beautiful PVC skirting to transform your home that outperforms conventional alternatives and looks fantastic for years. It’ll never flake, peel, rust, or warp in this range and you’ll never need to paint it.
In a fabulous range of finishes, including authentic-looking wood grain effect, this stylish alternative to wooden skirting is available. Highly strong, it does not scratch or discolor, and can be used in any home or office space.

If you want a skirting solution that is easy to cut to size and that bonds directly to adhesive walls, we recommend our home center PVC Skirting. The lengths click together, and everyday tools can be used to install them.
All the products in this range have a scratch-resistant laminated finish designed to provide long-lasting style and protect your wall base. They are intended for internal use and for enhancing the visual appeal of what is traditionally a hard-to-maintain home fixture. We mean it when we say our PVC Skirting Board is ‘low maintenance.’ These items will only ever need cleaning with a cloth once they are installed.

Features of PVC Skirting

  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Zero preparation and low maintenance
  • Does not shrink or warp, durable and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to fit – no tricky mitering or scribing
  • Removable gap-filling rubber gasket
  • Gasket can be used as a cable tidy

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