5 Top Curtain Shops in Dubai for Perfect Window Decor

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Curtains are a crucial component of interior design that can completely change a room’s appearance and atmosphere. In Dubai, many top-quality curtain shops offer an extensive collection of window dressings for every décor style. The experts at Dubai Curtain have devised this list to help you choose the right window coverings provider in Dubai.

These curtain brands offer various curtain styles and designs. You can also get expert advice and installation services from them. In this article by Home Center, we will highlight 5 top curtain shops in Dubai for the perfect window décor.

These curtain stores are known for their high-quality curtains and exceptional customer service. We have made this list to showcase their expertise regarding window treatment services. This way, you can decide better when choosing the perfect curtain provider for your place.

Best 5 Curtain Shops in Dubai

These curtain stores feature options for every taste, whether you’re seeking for traditional or trendy designs. They are the ideal option for those wishing to decorate their homes or businesses with elegance and comfort thanks to their knowledge. You can select any provider among them for your home window solutions. The contact numbers and shop locations can be found on their official websites.

1 – Dubai Curtain


Dubai Curtain is a top-notch brand in Dubai that specializes in creating custom-made curtains. You can get window coverings for any type of window or room here. They offer the most comprehensive design collection of window curtains.

You can easily find your dream curtains at very reasonable rates. They also provide installation services for their curtains to ensure a stress-free buying experience. With their years of experience and expertise, Dubai Curtain has become a go-to choice for many homeowners and businesses in Dubai.

They have a wide collection of window coverings to match both your residential and commercial settings. The attention to detail and product quality sets Dubai Curtain apart from other curtain brands in Dubai.

They use only the highest quality fabrics in their window curtains, ensuring they give off a luxurious feel. They also offer customized curtain styles to suit both traditional and modern décor styles. Their team of experts works closely with customers to ensure that their curtains are perfectly tailored to their needs and preferences.

2 – Wall Curtains


Wall Curtains is a popular curtain brand in Dubai known for its high-quality curtains and focuses on sustainability. One major aspect that sets Wall Curtains apart from other curtain brands is its installation services. Wall Curtains provides professional installation services to ensure the curtains are fitted perfectly and beautifully.

The installation process is crucial to achieving the desired look and functionality of curtains, and Wall Curtains understands this well. Their team of experienced professionals ensures that the installation process is smooth, quick, and hassle-free for their valued customers.

They consider all important factors, such as the window type, the curtain’s length and width, and the fabric used to ensure the perfect fit. They use high-quality hardware and accessories to hang the curtains, which enhances their appearance and ensures that they remain in place and do not fall off.

In addition to their professional installation services, Wall Curtains also offers their customers guidance and advice on maintaining and caring for their curtains. This ensures the curtains remain in a mint condition and look beautiful for years.

3 – Design Furniture


Design Furniture is a well-known brand in Dubai that specializes in providing furniture. This company also offers curtains in various styles and fabrics. They provide a large selection of curtain accessories, such as rings, rods, and more.

The right curtain accessories can enhance the appearance and functionality of curtains. They also provide their customers with various styling options. They prioritize sustainability practices in their production process. They use eco-friendly materials to create curtains. It helps them minimize the environmental impact.

4 – Fixit Design


Fixit Design is a leading brand in Dubai that provides interior design solutions, including curtains, for homes and businesses. Fixit Design offers luxury curtains in various styles, colors, and fabrics. However, their focus on curtain design expertise, online ordering and delivery options sets them apart from other brands.

Fixit Design’s team of experienced designers deeply understands interior design and how curtains can complement and enhance a space’s overall aesthetics. Their design expertise is reflected in the quality and beauty of their curtains, which not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of a space but also offer practical benefits such as light control and privacy.

In addition to its design expertise, Fixit Design company offers customers the convenience of online ordering and delivery options. Customers can browse through the various curtain designs available on Fixit Design’s website, select the curtains they want, and order from the comfort of their homes.

This online ordering and delivery service is convenient for customers and ensures that the curtains are delivered promptly and efficiently. The simplicity and convenience of their ordering and delivery options show their dedication to client happiness.

5 – Ikea


Ikea is a well-known international brand that provides curtains for homes and offices. They offer various styles, fabrics, and window dress designs. Their pricing might be expensive compared to other brands, but they provide fast delivery in Dubai. You can check the price of their window dressings on their official website to choose the best curtains.

They don’t provide custom-made curtains; you can see a variety of ready-made curtains in their collection. This might not be a great option if you want affordable, made-to-measure curtains. Additionally, Ikea’s online store provides customers a convenient way to browse their curtain collection and check the stock availability before purchasing. With their focus on availability, Ikea ensures that customers can easily purchase the curtains they need for their windows.


In conclusion, these top curtain shops in Dubai are the best to buy high-quality curtains and installation services. Most of them provide customization options for personalized appearance and décor in your room. While choosing a curtain brand, keep in mind that providing outstanding customer service is essential. You can expect good customer service from a brand that quickly responds to your queries.

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