Top Trending Ideas for Wall Panel and Flooring in 2024

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The year 2024 has been a transformative year for the interior design industry. New innovative ideas and fresh design trends are emerging daily. Wall panels and flooring are two interior elements that can change the decor of any space with simple ideas.

Both these interior elements offer high functionality for your living areas. But as we said earlier, there are so many ideas to choose from; how can you settle on one? Well, for that, Home Center bring you these top 5 trending ideas for wall panels and flooring in 2024.

Top 5 Trending Ideas For Wall Panels & Flooring 

1. Go With The Sustainability Trend

Sustainable Wall Panels and Flooring

Lately, interior design has become all about sustainability, as more and more homeowners are choosing eco-friendly materials for flooring and wall panels. This reduces their environmental impact without diminishing their aesthetic style.

Bamboo or Reclaimed Wall Panels:

  • One trendy material is bamboo, a highly renewable source with quick growth and great durability. Bamboo panels can add natural warmth to your interiors.
  • Reclaimed wood panels make up for a rustic interior decor charm while reducing waste and encouraging recycling.

Cork or Recycled Wood Flooring:

  • Cork flooring with naturally harvested cork of oak trees is not only sustainable but offers great insulation for homes.
  • Recycled hardwood flooring makes use of old wood from demolished buildings to give them a second chance at life.

2. Textured Panels & Flooring For Visual Depth

Herringbone Flooring and Panels

Today, textured panels and flooring are available, which add a certain aesthetic depth to living spaces.

3D Wall panels:

  • Get the 3D Panel, the latest and trendy interior decor idea, available in different designs, patterns, and colors—it will create a stunning impact on the onlooker.
  • With the textured plaster wall panelling, you can get that handcrafted look on your uneven wall surfaces – creating a rustic charm.

Herringbone or Hand Scraped Wood Flooring:

  • The classical Chevron and Herringbone Parquet flooring is making waves once more in 2024. Get that sophisticated look for both modern and classical interior decor.
  • Get that vintage & lived-in look for your home with hand-scraped wood flooring. The distressed texture of it hides any flooring imperfections.

3. Vibrant Colored Panels & Flooring

Olive Green Wall Panels

Colors are highly in trend for this year as they make that impactful statement to your interior decor. From deep hues to vibrant tones, the right color wall panelling and flooring can change the ambience of the entire living area.

Ruby Red or Olive Green Wall Panels:

  • Vibrant Tones like emerald green or ruby red in wall panels offer a luxurious look for your interior decor. They are best suited for living rooms & bedrooms.
  • Earthy hues like olive green and taupe are more in the trend for subdued interior aesthetics. These neutral color tones have that calming effect on the mind, thus creating a serene living area.

Hardwood or Flooring Tiles:

  • Hardwood flooring in dark shades, like ebony and walnut, is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication. Pair it with lighter walls for a contrasting theme.
  • Flooring tiles in striking vibrant shades of blue or green with different pattern designs are ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. Their striking appearance offers a creative touch to your interiors.

4. Innovative Trendy Materials Options

fabric wall panels for bedroom

There are increasing innovations in the world of building materials, and interior design is benefiting from them.

Metallic or Fabric Wall Panels:

  • Metallic wall panels are the trend for modern homes these days with their gold, stainless steel, and copper finishes – an industrial look for homes in Dubai.
  • Fabric panels are another great way to add a textured feel with different color shading options. Their best feature is sound insulation, which makes them ideal for a serene living space.

Ceramic Tiles or SPC Flooring:

  • Ceramic tiles are versatile in use and offer a realistic appearance for wood, stone, or other materials.
  • SPC flooring is also trending due to its availability for both the stone and wood look at affordable prices.

5. Mix Of Indoors & Outdoors For A Hybrid Living Space

artificial grass on wall

One of our personal favorites is a hybrid interior decor that blurs the line between indoors & outdoors.

Artificial Grass or Veneer Wall Panels:

  • Living wall panels like the artificial grass wall panels are bringing in outdoors to indoors for a relaxing green environment.
  • With stone veneer wall panelling, you can get that rugged look that is suited for both indoors & outdoors – all-weather resistant and durable.

Carpets or Porcelain Pavers Flooring:

  • Carpets are available that offer use in both indoors & outdoors for a smooth transition of both living areas of the home.
  • Porcelain Pavers are in style not only because of their durability but their versatility to be installed for both inside & outside spaces of the home.

If you are planning to renovate or interior design changes to your home or apartment, you can buy all the above-mentioned flooring and wall panel options from a reputable flooring Dubai company.

Our Final Thoughts

The top trending ideas for wall panels and flooring in 2024 will surely be of help to you if you are planning to change your interior decor. These trendy design ideas will improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your home to create a stylish ambiance.

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