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The home center Engineer Hardwood Flooring is a processed version of regular hardwood flooring made by binding two to twelve different layers of natural material together anywhere. The processing helps eliminate some of the barriers that natural hardwood flooring poses and make it sturdy and durable. The cost of engineered hardwood flooring is very competitive, and with the latest technologies, it is becoming more and more economical. These advances in processing techniques make the product more resilient and cut costs down. The engineered hardwood flooring is considered comparatively more environmentally friendly because of its limited use of natural wood.

It is a perfect solution for homeowners looking for their homes to have high-end and international looks. It is very durable and can withstand very high levels of fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The cost of engineered hardwood flooring also depends on plank quality and thickness.
Engineered wood flooring by home center represents all the traditional solid hardwood aesthetics, with a design innovation that makes it even more versatile! A durable flooring alternative that allows you to install your desired paint, cut, finish, and surface texture in areas where solid hardwood is not recommended, containing many layers, the top layer being a species of real hardwood, engineered hardwood flooring.

Features of Engineer Hardwood Flooring

  • Less expensive to the floor than solid hardwood.
  • Difficult to tell apart from solid once installed wood flooring.
  • Has a transparent wood layer on top (as opposed to laminate floors)
  • Plus is immune to temperature and humidity variations than solid wood flooring.
  • A stable product, so it can be installed to suit your property and preferences in a variety of ways, e.g. Underfloor heating compatible
    Mostly with a click system, which is quick and easy to install.
  • Details, styles, colors, finishes, and wide planks are available in different wood species.
  • Where necessary, the top layer (wear layer) can be removed and finished.

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