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The home center offers the best option for wooden flooring. It can be a characteristic of any space and require almost limitless and timeless interior designs.
No other floor can suit real wood flooring with natural beauty. Packed with character, the wooden flooring gives an unmistakable quality feel to any home. This flooring comes in an extraordinary range of finishes and looks from natural rustic and aged oaks to minimal contemporary looks, available in solid wood or engineered constructions. Accessible in engineered floors with click-together joints for fast and simple DIY fitting.

Our wood flooring is famous for its durability and longevity. It has the main advantage of sanding it down and refinishing it, prolonging your floor life. It’s also totally original; no two real wood floor installations are the same. Home Center have a variety of different styles and finishes of flooring, so there’s something to suit you.

Home center wooden floors are amongst today’s most common floor coverings. A wood floor, such as laminate or real wood such as solid wood or engineered, can be synthetic. They’re all made of wood, but they have different advantages over one another.

This 18 mm solid wood floor provides not only strength and toughness but also the tactile feel of its natural wood texture by bringing the forest feel into your home. It soon becomes a living part of your environment, breathing, radiating warmth under your feet and feeling relaxed when perched.

Features of Wooden Flooring

  • Solid wood offers the ultimate natural everlasting quality and solid feel
  • Every panel is made of a single piece of wood.
  • Traditional groove and tongue.
  • Smooth lacquered matt finish.
  • Simple to keep clean.
  • Provide warmth and feel to the room
  • Made from responsibly sourced, Forest Friendly timber

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