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Are you looking for the best wood flooring option for your floors?  Home center hardwood flooring is the best option to consider for your floor safety.
This engineered hardwood flooring has a face width of 180mm and 20mm thickness with a 6mm solid oak wear layer and is finished with Natural oil.

Wooden flooring not only adds a touch of beauty to your home but also some comfort. Many homeowners believe that even having hardwood floors makes space appear larger. If it makes your home feel more welcoming depends on the rest of your decor, so making a great first impression is an easy way to do so.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean, sturdy and offer improved air quality. Yet they could be expensive, could they? Wood floors could be a more expensive choice to purchase, depending on the other floor you are considering. There are a couple of considerations that you should remember, though.
Hardwood floors can also improve the acoustics inside the room from the home center. They reduce the hollow sounds or the often occurring vibrations. This quality is why hardwood is used in almost every dance or music studio. Although you are looking for a wood-like flooring that reduces noise, the best choice might be vinyl or cork.

Wood floors are more cleanable and less likely to be harmed.
Through the years, this will reduce the cost of cleaning or repairing. Furthermore, the hardwood floors will last for centuries because they are so durable. This long-lasting consistency makes them an economical alternative for flooring. It may be a bit more up front but eventually it will save you money.

Features of Hardwood Flooring

  • Long-lasting quality
  • Cost-effective flooring option
  • Save your money
  • Easy to maintain
  • Add a touch of elegance to your home
  • Give warmth & comfort to your room
  • Reduce hollow sounds or vibrations

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