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Whatever the script, the home center will give you a stage that you can call your own. The most comprehensive color ranges to choose from to start with. ‘
Vinyl is the ideal comfortable to maintain flooring for your home or business, durable, easy to care for, and suitable for every room in the house. In a wide range of styles, colors, and thicknesses, we store a vast selection of vinyl to ensure that you get the feel and comfort you want at the right price from your flooring.

Free and minimal fuss, inexpensive , easy to clean, and suitable for busy households. Great for bathroom, kitchen, and conservatory; family and pet-friendly vinyl or lino flooring. To achieve a faultless finish in any room, choose from a variety of realistic finishes, including wood, tile, stone, and mosaic. Whatever your room, budget, or lifestyle, we’ve got a solution for you.

This is 2.8 mm thick and has a wear layer of 0.2 mm. Wood and tiles’ realistic effects come in a range of modern and traditional looks, suited to many different types of rooms!

This vinyl is easy to suit and more comfortable to wear. This vinyl prevents impact of footfall with a foam lining and provides a solid wear coat.

Browse our Home center Flooring Collection for exclusive designs, stay on budget with our Essential Value vinyl line, or make an immediate impact in-store vinyl flooring with our takeaway today. Get realistic wood, tile, or mosaic finish with our affordable, easy to clean vinyl in your home. The Prime Vinyl Flooring Range is an Anti-Slip vinyl ideal for any space inside your home.

Features of Vinyl Flooring

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to wear
  • Give you feel and comfort
  • Suitable for every room in your house
  • Value for money
  • Add a modern and traditional look

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