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If you are looking for affordability and design, then our Laminate Flooring range is your answer. Home center laminate, made from a high-density fiberboard covered with a hyper-realistic decorative layer, is hard-wearing and extremely versatile in design.
With our traditional oak laminate flooring, add authenticity and character to your home, in a variety of natural light and dark tones. The luxurious marble, mosaic, and stone effects of our tiled effect laminate flooring are available if the modern design is more your style.
Laminate is accessible for home projects and one of the cheapest types of wood flooring on the market. It’s fast and straightforward to fit laminate flooring, too-it just fits together. Don’t forget to underlay your laminate flooring for maximum results!
We home center provide laminate flooring, which allows you to enjoy a wood-like floor without actually using any solid wood in its construction, making it more environmentally friendly.

It consists of 4 primary layers, bonded under high pressure together. A moisture-resistant coating under an HDF (high-density fiber board) sheet provides a better product life. This is surmounted by a photographic image of natural wood flooring in high resolution. To cover the laminate surface, it is then covered with a durable, transparent coating made of special resin-coated cellulose.

It is ideal for anyone who wants a sturdy floor for a fraction of a hardwood floor’s price and installation time, along with the appeal of real hardwood. Laminate wood floors are simple to maintain, as no waxes, polishes, detergents or abrasive cleaners are needed.

Features of Laminate Flooring

  • Unique locking system prevents liquids from penetrating the surface
  • Features a stain- and scratch-resistant surface
  • Resistant to spills for easy cleanup
  • Gives the illusion of a bigger room
  • Creates a unique and inviting aesthetic
  • Get the realistic look of natural wood
  • More budget-friendly than hardwood flooring
  • Provides an effortless installation process
  • Saves time from rolling out separate underlayment
  • Hides scuffs, smudges, and footprints
  • High resistance to fading

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